The Matching Schema of Dual Lead Worm Wheel and Worm Shaft
Surface contact between in worm wheel and worm shaft can be reached 35%~45% suitable for heavy cutting and continuous processing
Good wear-resisting, there is no need to adjust backlash at least 1~2 years
Indexing accuracy class is maintained



Indexing accuracy class for CNC Rotary Table
Indexing accuracy class: 10(sec.) (standard 15 sec.)
Repeatability: 4 (sec.)
According to ISO 230.2 standard of inspection which can be qualified to Aeronautics and Military Industry.



The Schema of Brake System
Clamping force is increased 2~3 times if compare with other brands of company
Multi-brake disc system designed (Clamping with 4 Sides Friction)
Creating clamp torque 200 kg•m from pneumatic source : 5kg/cm²
Compact & high durability designed; there is no liftingup situation during rotating




The Schema of Advantage Bearing System

3 sides constraint designed, supporting force is greater than same dimension of Cross-Roller Ring (bearing) above 2 times

Dual bearings designed, extending diameter suitable for heavy cutting



Indexing accuracy class for Hirth Coupling
Indexing accuracy class: ±3 (sec.)
Repeatability: ±1 (sec.)
Contact rate of Teeth surface can be reached 90%




Gear ratio
To match high speed machine center (60m/min) with high speed CNC Rotary Table
Gear ratio 90:1 can be reached 33rpm (motor:3000rpm)