• Easy operation, saving space of machine shop.
  • Connecting with-CNC Rotary Table to M-Code of CNC M/C for equal division indexing machining.
  • The best solution for conventional M/C which could not retrofitted 4th axis.
  • Program capacity = 9 sets, minimum increment 0.001°





Min. Increment


Key-Lock Function

Set Parameter # 7 to (1)

Programmable Angle


Mode Selection After Power On

Program mode / Run mode

Max. Equal Dividing

2-999 equal dividing

Backlash Adjustment

Parameter # 17

Emergency Stop

Whole system stop

Previous Step Display Function

Pushing “WRITE” key

Input System

key board

Next Step Display

Pushing “READ” key

Zero Return

Can be compensated by software / hardware

Standard Parameter Function

Parameter # 1-17 can be set easily

Feed rate

F1~F2000 (degree/sec.)


Meldas HC motor with feed back unit

Program Capacity

Nine programs, 99 steps for each program

Connection Cable

For input power/pulse coder, motor power cycle start / finish signal / brake signal

Jump Function

Jump to sub-program (code. 95)

Input Power

AC 240V/50Hz / three phase

Loop Count

Up to 999 times per step


Below 48V/DC