• Use LED backlight 5.7-inch monitor
  • Chinese / English subtitles, easy operation.
  • Conneacting with M-Code of CNC M/C (Any Brand)
  • Adopting AC servo systems to perform in high-precision, high speed, large torque
  • To match any brand of servo motors such as : Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Delta, TECO
  • To offer 36 sets compensation for backlash adjusting, every 10 degrees compensation once to achieve the best accuracy
  • Optional HEIDENHAIN encoder to be closed-loop system
  • Optional MPG hand wheel for workpiece adjusting





Min. Increment


Backlash Adjustment Adjusted by parameter screen 1 of 2

Programmable Angle


Standard Parameter Function Input / Output interface, long press "."

Emergency Stop

Whole system stop

Programmable System Accepted Incremental / absolute value

Input Method

Keyboard Input

Instruction Selecting

Program Input instruction / Indexing and rotating instruction

Program Capacity

15 sets of program

Origin Adjustment

Origin offset compensation setting

Program Step Capacity

90 steps for each program

External start signal

Automatic operation by M-CODE


Machine homing / relative homing

Delay time

0.1 to 99.9 seconds of delay

Jump Function

Jump to the subroutine (JUMP)

Input Power

Three-phase AC-220V 50/60HZ

Cycle Loop

Step up to 999 times per cycle

Connection cable

Power cable / Motor cable / CNC connection cables