Power Tooling Turret - BMT Type
  • Compact Design
    • All new design in extreme simplification of components.
    • To increase 10% machining distance of travel (the stroke) in X axis.
  • High rigidity & precision
    • To increase diameter of 3 pcs hirth coupling and thickness of cast to ensure high rigidity for heavy cutting.
    • Indexing accuracy:±2" ;Accuracy of repeatability:±1".
  • Direct drive with high speed
    • To drive clamp coupling directly for high durability operation while high speed cutting in power tooling.
Center height (mm) 140
Allowed number of tools (N) 12T
Tool disc size (mm) SW 380
Clamping force (kg) 5346
Rotation and clamping (sec.) 0.46
Total indexing time for 180° (sec.)
(include clamping)
Hydrulic working pressure (kgf/cm2) 40
Indexing accuracy (sec.) ±2"
Accuracy of repeatability (sec.) ±1"
Servo motor model MITSUBISHI HP-SP152 (1.5KW)
Gear ratio for rotating 1.36
Max torque for rotating (N/m) 21.5
Diameter of coupling type (mm) Ø195 3PCS
Power Tooling
Spindle motor model FANUC αil3 (3.7/5.5KW)
Tool holder shaft size BTM 65 (ER 32)
Rotating tool holder coupling DIN 1809
Gear ratio for power tooling 1:1
Max touque for power tooling (N/m) 23.5
Max speed at the power tooling (RPM) 5000
※ GSA remains the right of modification. All specifications can be modified according to customers’ requirement.